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Empower your website with a tailored AI chatbot, trained directly on your content, ready to instantly respond to visitor inquiries.

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How it works

Craft Your AI Chatbot with Ease

Building a chatbot that's trained on your own content is just a few clicks away.

Feed Your Content!

Whether it's your entire website or specific text files, simply feed the content to Web2Chat. Our AI is eager to learn directly from your resources.

Kickstart Training

Hand-pick the content you want your chatbot to learn from, hit 'Start Training', and watch your AI chatbot get smarter in real-time!

Welcome Your Personalized Chatbot

You now possess a custom chatbot, ready to answer any query related to your site's content."


Pricing to Suit Every Website's Needs

Our diverse pricing plans are crafted to accommodate everyone. Be it a budding startup or a well-established enterprise, we have a plan tailored for you.

*Please note, the pricing is exclusive of taxes, and additional local tax may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your query isn't addressed below, feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help and will respond as quickly as possible.

Yes, we do offer a free plan that you can utilize to understand our product better. After you register, you'll have access to our free plan which includes 1 bot, can scrape from 10 pages, allows for up to 100,000 characters per chatbot, embed on unlimited websites, and offers 30 message credits per month. It's a great opportunity to explore the features and capabilities of Web2Chat without any immediate commitment.

Training your chatbot is a simple and intuitive process with Web2Chat. You can provide sources of training data, such as a website URL, a sitemap URL, Zendesk articles, or files (PDFs, markdown files, text files, etc.). You even have the ability to directly import markdown files from your Notion workspace. After you've selected the desired pages or uploaded the files, just hit 'Start Training'. Our sophisticated AI will learn from this content and in a matter of minutes, your chatbot will be trained and ready to answer queries related to your content.

The chatbot is trained on the content you provide, which could be from your website, PDFs, or text files. It's advisable to provide content that is representative of the questions your chatbot will be asked. For example, if your chatbot is for customer support, training it on your product manuals or FAQs would be beneficial. Remember, the better the quality of the training data, the better your chatbot will be at understanding and responding to user queries.

Each chatbot has a unique URL. Embedding the chatbot on your site is as easy as using the embed code we provide or by directly linking to the chatbot from your site.

Yes, our 'Inbox' feature provides a detailed list of all conversations your bot has had with users, along with valuable user data like location, browser type, and more.

Absolutely! The platform offers extensive customization options, from training data sources and user experience to AI settings and appearance. You can personalize your bot to best suit your needs.

Yes, we save AI responses to common questions. This enables faster response times and saves on message credits. You also have the option to invalidate responses if you've updated your bot's training.

Yes, our chatbot supports multiple languages, not just English. You can have your chatbot answer questions in any language.

The 'Billing' page in your account will give you information about your account usage, including the total character count that has been used for training.

Message credits are calculated based on the output from the AI. Each message generated from the AI counts towards the message credits. The number of available message credits depends on the plan you are on.

Yes, you can upload multiple files like PDFs or Word documents or feed data from your APIs to train a single chatbot.

One chatbot corresponds to one set of training data and settings. If you want to train a bot on different sets of data, each will be considered as one separate bot.

Message credits are renewed at the beginning of each billing cycle, based on your subscription plan.

Web2chat Messenger is our proprietary chat interface that can be embedded on your website. It's fully customizable and supports multi-user conversations, with live chat features for real-time interactions. It provides read receipts and user rating systems to gauge user satisfaction.

Yes, you can collect user information. Our platform is designed to capture user details like location, browser type, and more during chat sessions. Please remember to abide by all local and international data privacy laws while collecting user information.
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